Hector Bonilla

My Cousin Kim is the one responsible for making sure that most of my grammar and spelling is on point. Here's her 'about me' down below! 


My name is Hector and I was born in California on Nov 14, 1988, which would make me 27 years old. (Yes, I fully understand that I don’t necessarily sound 27 but believe me, I am!) The youtube passion began around 2008, but back then, cameras were pretty terrible, and I would only be inclined to edit montages of random content. Anyways, for more detail about the birth of my youtube channel, be sure to look at the "History of my channel" under the youtube tab, I talk about it further in there. 


I’ve always had a passion for technology and it all started with an old windows 95 computer that my dad bought me. I would find myself playing around with excel, powerpoint, and paint (yes that's weird) but I loved computers that much. Ever since then, I've loved technology. <3 

First Mac

To make this story short, I used a windows machine up until 2006 when I finally decided to purchase my first apple computer which was the 20 inch iMac (first intel Mac btw). That Machine was the game changer for me because it made me look into Apple's keynotes, but more importantly, it showed me iMovie. 

When I first used OS X, I was blown away by the interface and how well everything worked. I freaking loved the machine and I just wanted to tell people to try it. You must realize that at the time, Apple wasn't nearly as big, and people weren't really paying attention to them. Well, nothing beyond the ipod at least. 

Apple Keynotes

Since making that iMac purchase, I’ve watched every keynote live (streamed video). I've become a huge fan of those events, they are truly build for people who are passionate about technology.  That essentially brought me into the apple ecosystem, and since then, I’ve owned countless apple computers and devices. 


I've recently received my Bachelors in Science in Computer Science from Cal State Northridge and I don't plan on doing a Masters so I'm done with school for all of time. HA! ( no more exams or coffee!).

And as of right now, I don’t plan on being featured in any of my future videos, but of course, that could change. :)