Acer G257HU 25-Inch WQHD Review!

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If you’ve been following my Youtube channel for a while, then you know that I dislike glossy displays. Unfortunately, IMacs posses this feature, which is why I have decided that they aren’t for me. 

However, this is not the case for the Mac Mini. I’m now rocking a Mac Mini for it allows me to pick my own monitor, and this one in particular is a 25 inch 1440p IPS display with a matte finish and it looks gorgeous.


Now, this isn’t the only factor that influenced me to purchase the Mac Mini. I also opted to make this purchase for the ridiculously affordable price of $279.99. This is simply a price I couldn’t ignore, especially for an IPS display. Occasionally, Amazon has this particular monitor on sale for $250, so if you are patient enough, you might be able to catch it. 

Also, for those who didn’t know, I was previously rocking an HP monitor from 2010 with a 1080p resolution which was long over due for an update.

So far, this monitor is the best purchase that I’ve made this year. It has substantially improved my workflow. Now, I can fit more items on the screen, and more importantly, I can finally work on a video with my windows completely open without the interference of reflective light. Plus, the viewing angles are fantastic; a few of the best that you’ll encounter in any monitor. 

I strongly recommend this monitor to anyone looking to upgrade from any 1080p monitor.

For further information regarding this particular monitor, make sure to check out my full video review of the product down below. You’ll find an Amazon link included in the video!

My full review on my favorite purchase of 2015. This monitor here is easily the best budget monitor you can buy today. It comes with great viewing angles and great color reproduction.