Ant-Man Review!

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Ant-Man is Marvels smallest hero and (woah!) did he surprise me. We begin with Scott lang, who’s a professional thief who has been recently released from prison. Upon being released, he vows to change his ways for his daughter, but can’t find a job due to being processed by the system. Consequently, he continues the same reckless profession. 


This is where the original Ant-man, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) comes in and makes the story...interesting. I won’t mention anything else to avoid disclosing further information about the story, but boy, was it awesome! I was particularly impressed with Michael Douglas’ performance which, I believe, to be the best in this film, he truly sold his role as the original Ant-Man. Hopefully, they'll explore his past further. 


The comedy was on point, especially from Michael Peña. He successfully provided the film with outstanding comic relief. He had the entire theater laughing by his mere presence. I seriously hope he comes back to make Ant-Man 2 because he adds so much to the franchise.This dude is hilarious, trust me on this!

Ant-Man also ties in beautifully with the other Marvel movies. They drop some major hints on why the other Avengers aren’t helping with their current dilemma. Also, remain a few minutes after the credits because the movie has two after-credit scenes that are pretty awesome! The marvel nerds will rejoice. 


Ant-Man is similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, people watched it because it was a Marvel movie and knew nothing more. At the end of both films, it can’t be helped to feel pleasantly surprised, because as a new superhero that no one has heard about, he's actually pretty damn awesome. Essentially, Ant-Man is badass, and I can’t wait for a sequel, or at the very least for him to be included in the next Avengers Movie or possibly in Captain America Civil War. 

Although the relationship with his daughter is heart warming, I feel like they could've added a few more scenes with her to make the audience truly feel that connection. It felt a bit rushed and she was just “there” most of the time. She was simply a motivator for Scott Lang to get his life in order. This might be nit-picking, but other than that the movie was fantastic. If you love superhero movies find yourself unsure about Ant-Man, don't be, just go give this movie a try. You won't be disappointed.


  • Michael Peña is Hilarious 
  • Michael Douglas provides an incredible performance as Hank Pym
  • CGI looks incredible
  • Story line
  • Action scenes


  • Daughter father relationship not as strong
  • Villain is generic

Rating : 9.0

 Fantastic Superhero movie! 

Hilarious with a little Heist and a Little Superhero.