Terminator Genisys Review!

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Arnold is finally back as the Terminator and he has yet to miss a beat. He's still the Terminator we remember from the old films and he nails his role fantastically. I’m glad he's back on board for these films, and I hope to see him assume the role of the Terminator in all future installments. 


Initially, my expectations were rather low, and that's because the last two Terminator movies were terrible. Originally, I didn’t want to spend my hard earned money to watch Terminator Genisys, but my younger brother insisted. Ultimately, I’m glad I made the jump because it was definitely worth the price of admission.


This movie brings back some of the old Terminator locations (T1 & T2 locations) and has those impressive time travel loops that make people’s head hurt. Also, Arnold has his classic lines in the movie that still sound great!


Terminator Genisys is such a great summer movie that I’m officially excited for the future of this franchise. The story was told well enough to satisfy most moviegoes. However, some of the time travel loops were left unexplained, but I’m assuming those will be explained in future installments. Terminator Genisys story “glitches” aside, the movie was fun and it felt like an actual terminator movie from the 90‘s.

Despite the success of Terminator Genisys, it doesn’t compare or come close to the two timeless Classics that James Cameron created, but at least they can now be worthy enough to exist along side them.



  •  Arnold kills it! Remarkable performance and still has that Terminator vibe
  • Time travel is awesome! 
  • CGI is incredible 


  • Slightly flawed story plot 
  • Time travel not completely explained

Rating : 8.0

Great summer movie!

A fantastic addition to the franchise and

by franchise I mean T1 & T2 ONLY.