Rounders Review!

Kim GarciaComment


Recently, I’ve grown to appreciate the game of Poker. I watched Rounders when I didn’t know much about the game, and wasn’t entirely open to learning. However, upon finishing this movie, it sparked an interest I couldn’t ignore. 

Rounders will take you on a journey that’s filled with adrenaline. You’ll feel like an active participant, trying to guess and anticipate every move in every poker game. Matt Damon who plays Mike McDerrmoot (the lead character), is a skilled poker player who makes a few life-changing decisions, and not entirely for the better.

Of course, some of these decisions are influenced by his pal, Lester “Worm” Murphy, a character played by Edward Norton. While “Worm” is the bad apple who is impressively reckless, he’s also extremely likable. He brings humor and demands some of our sympathy. 

Mike McDerrmoot makes sacrifices for the love of the game, and the question of whether these sacrifices were worth it will echo throughout the film.

 If you aren’t familiar with the game of Poker, this film will bring light to many aspects of the game. You’ll come to learn that Poker doesn’t depend solely on luck, but on skill. You’ll also learn that the game can be dangerously addictive, emphasis on the danger  (so, don’t play poker with your crazy uncle). Essentially, the gambling experience will always make emotions run rampant, and this film, perfectly portrays the dark and violet side that can unleash with one wrong move.

 In spite of this, the biggest questions arise with Mike McDerrmoot. 

What was he meant to do?

 Did he choose poker, or did poker choose him?