EVGA GTX 980 SC Review!

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My brothers aging Alienware R3 was well over due for a much needed update. We had previously been using the Nvidia GTX 560TI and it had served us pretty well, but it was time to update the GPU for something more powerful. 

Our goal was to be able to game at 1080p Maxed settings at around 60fps and hopefully sustain that performance for a few years. This is why we chose the EVGA GTX 980 because of the raw performance and the room to expand through SLI. So once this video card begins to slow down, we will definitely purchase another GTX 980 and SLI both together to keep that smooth performance flowing. Hopefully by then, the price would have dropped significantly too! 

My brothers Alienware specs prior to upgrading were: 

Alienware Aurora R3 

  • i7 quad core 3.9GHZ (liquid cooled) 
  • 8GB
  • 120 SSD
  • 1TB HDD
  • 4TB HDD
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 560ti

Any who, lets discuss the performance and the specs of the EVGA GTX 980.

EVGA GTX 980 SuperClocked Specs

  • Base Clock Speed : 1241mhz
  • Cuda Cores: 2048
  • 4GB of Video Ram
  • Direct X12 Ready
  • Nvidia GPU Boost 2.0
  • Nvidia Adaptive Sync
  • Nvidia SLI Ready


  • 3 x Displayports 
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 DVI

** Requires a 500 Watt Power Supply**

The video card is a bit on the pricy side at around $500 dollars but believe me, the performance it outputs more than justifies the price of the card. Plus the ability to expand on the performance through SLI in the future is a huge plus.

Frame Rates

Frame Rates are as follows 

  • GTA V : 55FPS
  • Metro Last Light : 120FPS
  • Battlefield 4: 90 FPS
  • Metal Gear Ground Zero : 60FPS Locked Frame Rate

Metal Gear was locked at 60 frame for some reason,  even when we turned off V-sync. The game was locked at 60 and would not dip even in action scenes. So the video card is very capable of pushing much higher frames, but then again, anything averaging over 60 is perfect for gaming.

For some odd reason GTA V was the game that gave the video card the hardest time. The frame rate ranged from 40fps to 70fps and it kept moving between that range causing some slight "lag".  After some research we determined that optimization was the issue. GTA V hasn't been properly optimized and the game is very demanding just like any other open world typically is. However, I'm sure that Rockstar will clean this mess up eventually. But either way, the game is still very playable.

Average Frame Rates at 1080P Maxed Settings

Frame rates are as follows:

  • Sleeping Dogs: 60 Locked Frame Rate
  • Killing Floor 2: 62
  • Bioshock Infinite: 60 Locked Frame Rate
  • Wolfenstein The New Order: 57

The rest of the games all ran incredibly smooth and all at around 60 frames, so we were pretty happy with the performance. Wolfenstein was probably the only game that didn't run over 60fps consistently, but we were completely maxing out the settings. With a few setting changes we managed well over 60fps consistently with no dips. 

Average Frame Rate at 1080P Maxed Settings

Final Verdict 

To conclude, this video card is designed for hardcore gamers looking  for smooth gaming. So if you are thinking about upgrading your existing system, look no further than the EVGA GTX 980. It will provide the raw power and the SLI expandability if you ever find yourself needing more power in the future. Even though the video card is a bit pricy, I still have no hesitation recommending this video card. It performs like a 500 dollar beastly GPU from Hell!  

Be sure and check out my Video review of the EVGA GTX 980! 

If you guys have any question leave a comment below or leave a comment in the video review. 

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EVGA GTX 980 :

Ant-Man Review!

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Ant-Man is Marvels smallest hero and (woah!) did he surprise me. We begin with Scott lang, who’s a professional thief who has been recently released from prison. Upon being released, he vows to change his ways for his daughter, but can’t find a job due to being processed by the system. Consequently, he continues the same reckless profession. 


This is where the original Ant-man, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) comes in and makes the story...interesting. I won’t mention anything else to avoid disclosing further information about the story, but boy, was it awesome! I was particularly impressed with Michael Douglas’ performance which, I believe, to be the best in this film, he truly sold his role as the original Ant-Man. Hopefully, they'll explore his past further. 


The comedy was on point, especially from Michael Peña. He successfully provided the film with outstanding comic relief. He had the entire theater laughing by his mere presence. I seriously hope he comes back to make Ant-Man 2 because he adds so much to the franchise.This dude is hilarious, trust me on this!

Ant-Man also ties in beautifully with the other Marvel movies. They drop some major hints on why the other Avengers aren’t helping with their current dilemma. Also, remain a few minutes after the credits because the movie has two after-credit scenes that are pretty awesome! The marvel nerds will rejoice. 


Ant-Man is similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, people watched it because it was a Marvel movie and knew nothing more. At the end of both films, it can’t be helped to feel pleasantly surprised, because as a new superhero that no one has heard about, he's actually pretty damn awesome. Essentially, Ant-Man is badass, and I can’t wait for a sequel, or at the very least for him to be included in the next Avengers Movie or possibly in Captain America Civil War. 

Although the relationship with his daughter is heart warming, I feel like they could've added a few more scenes with her to make the audience truly feel that connection. It felt a bit rushed and she was just “there” most of the time. She was simply a motivator for Scott Lang to get his life in order. This might be nit-picking, but other than that the movie was fantastic. If you love superhero movies find yourself unsure about Ant-Man, don't be, just go give this movie a try. You won't be disappointed.


  • Michael Peña is Hilarious 
  • Michael Douglas provides an incredible performance as Hank Pym
  • CGI looks incredible
  • Story line
  • Action scenes


  • Daughter father relationship not as strong
  • Villain is generic

Rating : 9.0

 Fantastic Superhero movie! 

Hilarious with a little Heist and a Little Superhero.

Acer G257HU 25-Inch WQHD Review!

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If you’ve been following my Youtube channel for a while, then you know that I dislike glossy displays. Unfortunately, IMacs posses this feature, which is why I have decided that they aren’t for me. 

However, this is not the case for the Mac Mini. I’m now rocking a Mac Mini for it allows me to pick my own monitor, and this one in particular is a 25 inch 1440p IPS display with a matte finish and it looks gorgeous.


Now, this isn’t the only factor that influenced me to purchase the Mac Mini. I also opted to make this purchase for the ridiculously affordable price of $279.99. This is simply a price I couldn’t ignore, especially for an IPS display. Occasionally, Amazon has this particular monitor on sale for $250, so if you are patient enough, you might be able to catch it. 

Also, for those who didn’t know, I was previously rocking an HP monitor from 2010 with a 1080p resolution which was long over due for an update.

So far, this monitor is the best purchase that I’ve made this year. It has substantially improved my workflow. Now, I can fit more items on the screen, and more importantly, I can finally work on a video with my windows completely open without the interference of reflective light. Plus, the viewing angles are fantastic; a few of the best that you’ll encounter in any monitor. 

I strongly recommend this monitor to anyone looking to upgrade from any 1080p monitor.

For further information regarding this particular monitor, make sure to check out my full video review of the product down below. You’ll find an Amazon link included in the video!

My full review on my favorite purchase of 2015. This monitor here is easily the best budget monitor you can buy today. It comes with great viewing angles and great color reproduction.

Terminator Genisys Review!

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Arnold is finally back as the Terminator and he has yet to miss a beat. He's still the Terminator we remember from the old films and he nails his role fantastically. I’m glad he's back on board for these films, and I hope to see him assume the role of the Terminator in all future installments. 


Initially, my expectations were rather low, and that's because the last two Terminator movies were terrible. Originally, I didn’t want to spend my hard earned money to watch Terminator Genisys, but my younger brother insisted. Ultimately, I’m glad I made the jump because it was definitely worth the price of admission.


This movie brings back some of the old Terminator locations (T1 & T2 locations) and has those impressive time travel loops that make people’s head hurt. Also, Arnold has his classic lines in the movie that still sound great!


Terminator Genisys is such a great summer movie that I’m officially excited for the future of this franchise. The story was told well enough to satisfy most moviegoes. However, some of the time travel loops were left unexplained, but I’m assuming those will be explained in future installments. Terminator Genisys story “glitches” aside, the movie was fun and it felt like an actual terminator movie from the 90‘s.

Despite the success of Terminator Genisys, it doesn’t compare or come close to the two timeless Classics that James Cameron created, but at least they can now be worthy enough to exist along side them.



  •  Arnold kills it! Remarkable performance and still has that Terminator vibe
  • Time travel is awesome! 
  • CGI is incredible 


  • Slightly flawed story plot 
  • Time travel not completely explained

Rating : 8.0

Great summer movie!

A fantastic addition to the franchise and

by franchise I mean T1 & T2 ONLY. 

Inside out review!

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The next Pixar is finally here, and boy, was it an incredible experience. I watched the trailer for Inside Out a few months ago, and I’ve anticipated it ever since. 

It's pretty awesome that Pixar and Disney aren't spoiling much of the movie in their trailers. If anything, they simply show the mechanics of the movie (anger, fear, disgust, etc). That's something I appreciate since movies are usually spoiled within their very own trailers.



This movie is appropriate for adults because of the emotional ride and genius mechanics that allow us to connect to the film. There’s plenty to take away from this film, and like all pixar movies, the visuals are phenomenal. 

I’ll refrain from mentioning anything in regards to the storyline - the best way to experience this movie is by minimally exposing yourself to the story. The trailer will suffice. Watch it, and you’ll be set. 

Inside Out might be Pixar’s best movie so far, and it is definitely one of favorite movies this year.


This movie gets a 10/10 from me. I love it! There's so much to learn from this movie. It's a deep, emotional roller coaster, and I strongly recommend it.  

I've seen this movie twice - it's that good. The short film at the beginning is pretty neat, too. 

Rating : 10.0 [Masterpiece] 

 Best Pixar movie so far!  

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