Color Grading

Here's some information on my style of color grading. But before I continue I must mention that I'm not a professional nor do I know what am doing. ha! Just sharing some information on the style of grading I shoot for. 


I basically go for a "cool" tone with relatively low Saturation. But before I begin shooting I make sure that I set the camera to neutral color. Some people like to drop the saturation on the camera even further. But I like to drop it in post production.  Again, this is NOT color correction but more of color grade, essentially I add this to make the video look a certain way and to add a bit more style. 

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep
— Scott Adams

The image above is from one of my latest videos and the color grading image looks better (image on the Right). I just think it's a bit more pleasing to the eye. Again, this is all for style and not for actual color correction.

I'm still trying to learn how to color correct at the moment. So please don't assume that I'm some kind of a professional because I'm clearly not! 

This World is but a Canvas to our imagination
— Henry David Thoreau

If you want to recreate this style all you need is to select the "cool" preset in Final cut pro X and then adjust how "cool" you would like the video to be. I also like to drop my saturation (global) about -5 to -10 and I make sure the video is properly exposed (a good amount of detail retained).  Again, this assuming you are setting all your camera settings correctly (White Balanced) and getting some killer lighting.