My current youtube channel (trustmacintosh) is actually my second channel, my first channel was actually just an experiment. What I mean is that the channel wasn't taken too serious. I would be uploading montage of NBA players & any other random montage videos. I was also using iMovie and I kept using it until I felt like I needed more room to breath. Although my first channel was not a great idea for a youtube channel it was enough to spark an interest. It also allowed me to practice editing and to get some what familiar with the art of chopping videos. 

The youtube addiction began

Unfortunately youtube became very strict and most of my content was flagged since it contained footage that wasn't mine and because of this “TRUSTMACINTOSH” was born.

And yes! all these icons above were my logos at some point, although I'm still trying to find the perfect icon. It's definitely a work in progress for sure. 

Also my old high school friend is the one that designs all my artwork (apart from the halo one of course).  So be sure and check out his other work down below.  He has some killer photography on instagram with over 9,000 followers. 

Jacob Barrera


The youtube channel "trustmacintosh"  actually has a meaning, “Trust” has been my gaming alias since the beginning of time. I’ve always used it in all games and I continue to use it to this day. Even some of my current friends call me “trust”, so I've truly embraced the alias. 

    The “macintosh” part is a bit more complicated. Most would just assume that I'm just an apple fan boy and sure I am but that wasn't the main reason. Well before I started youtube, my favorite youtuber was "matts-macintosh". I'm almost certain you've heard of him but if you haven't.... go look him up NOW!

Anyways, I've always liked his style of filming and I like to think that I've modeled some of my style from him. Obviously his a master at his craft and I'm still learning.  

Since my gaming alias was "trust" I decided to use the same youtube name as "matts-macintosh but with my gaming alias rather than my legal name. And so Trust-Macintosh was born.

Matt's shooting style has played a huge role in the way I shoot today but I like to believe that I've taken some cues from other famous youtubers as well. So I'm constantly learning from many other great youtubers. But at the end of the day I will like to thank Matt for inspiriting this little hobby that I've grown to utterly love. Thank you Matt! 

At the Beginning

The first 20-30 videos I ever uploaded on youtube were created with an iPhone 4S and a small plastic tripod. I really took what Matt said, to heart. 

it’s not what you shoot with but how
— Matt's Macintosh

I truly believed that I didn't need an expensive camera to get going. So I started my youtube channel with a smart phone and that really proves that you really can shoot with anything. Specially nowadays with smartphone cameras being able to shoot in 4k resolution. 

So if you have a smartphone and have been wanting to create a youtube channel well, there's no excuse now. You essentially have all you need to get started and no, you don't need expensive software such as adobe premiere or final cut pro X.

When I started my channel I was using iMovie and believe me iMovie has enough power to get most youtubers going. Heck even some famous youtubers still use iMovie because it provides everything they need.




So what's my goal on youtube?

Well it's certainly not to make this my full time job. Because the moment this becomes a full time job I will hate it. I want this to remain a hobby because that's exactly what it is. It's something I do when I have free time.

I love making the videos because I find it fun and plus my current audience is freaking amazing. They are very supportive not to mention the countless friends I've made over the years. So I plan on continuing youtube for a very long time. Well, only if people continue to watch of course. 

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