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Current System as of 2015 Summer. 

My current system is composed of an Acer 25 inch monitor pushing 1440p and a mid 2011 Mac mini that's maxed out with 16 GB of RAM plus an SSD. Yes, my computer is 4 years old but it's enough for what I'm currently doing which consists of editing 1080p videos. Maybe once I move to 4k I might need to upgrade my entire system. But for now everything is working well and I see no need to upgrade the Mini. 

My goal with my setup is "simplicity" and to avoid have too many things on my desk. Originally, I didn't even want speakers on my desk because I felt like it took away from that minimalist look. But thankfully I found some "small" yet powerful speakers that didn't take up very much room.  

My future goal will be to save up and purchase an entry model Mac Pro. I honestly don't think I really need any more power beyond the base model. Perhaps 32GB of ram for some insane multitasking but thats about it. Basically just add a Mac pro to this current setup and I'll be utterly happy. 

Here's a video detailing my setup. (click down below)


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Current Camera as of Summer 2015

I'm currently using the T3i as my main camera for all my videos, along with a 50mm prime lens. I also use a slider from konova and various other accessories.  Yes I fully understand that this camera is kind of old but I really don't see a need to upgrade to 4k specially with my current computer. But in the future ( few years from now) I will be upgrading to the GH4 or any comparable model that might be out by then. 

So 4k video is definitely something I've thought about and look forward to trying. But first I must upgrade my computer so it can render the videos and I can edit them comfortably without it being a lagging mess. 

It’s not what you shoot with but how
— Mattsmacintosh

For sliders, I use is the Konova k2 which is buttery smooth! Seriously one of the best sliders in the business. I don't use the slider for every video, only for those extra special videos that require that extra special touch. And I must say, it has really added a new dimension to my shooting style and I really can't see myself not having one in my arsenal. I strongly recommend Konova for all your sliding needs. 











For editing I'm currently using Final Cut pro X and I have been using for a number of years. I'm very comfortable with the interface and the power of the this application. But again, you don't necessarily need professional software to create amazing videos. It's all in how you shoot and not what you edit with. I started with iMovie a few years back and I was doing just fine. But yeah, Final Cut Pro X is my software of choice.